X8 Series

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Manufacturer RS Automation Co., Ltd.
Origin Republic of Korea
SNS scrap
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X8 Series

X8 Series, the high performance next generation small network function

  • Small but Strong! Feel Powerful Communication!
  • - Built-in 10/100Mbps Ethernet Port
  • - Built-in USB Port
  • Built-in RS232C/485 2 channels of high-speed serial port Supports variable communication protocols
  • - Ethernet Protocol : Xnet over IP Client/Server, Ethernet/IP(PCCC, CIP Generic) Client/Server, HSMS/SECS-II Client/Server, BOOTP/DHCP Client, SNMP Server, HTTP(Web) Server
  • - Serial Protocol : Xnet Master/Slave, Modbus/RTU Master/Slave, DF1-Full Duplex, NX-Plus Master, NX-Alpha Master, MELSEC 1C Master, MP5 Master, ASCII/Binary (User Defined Protocol)
  • Best Solution for 4G Byte SD Card memory network based application for Recipe and Data Logging
  • - Semi/FPD, Communication, SCADA, etc

X8 Series Product List

M32DDT CPU Module, DC In 16P, DC Out 16P (Sink ), HSC (6Ch), PTO (6Ch), EJ Header 
M16DDR CPU Module, DC In 8P, Relay Out 8P, HSC (6Ch), Plug Type
M14DDT CPU Module, DC In 8P, TR Out 6P (Sink), HSC (6Ch), PTO (6Ch), Plug Type
POWER3 AC POWER Supply Module, 24V 3A, Parallel Connection (Load Sharing)
XU16 Expansion Module, DC In 16P, Plug Type
XU16SA Expansion Module, DC In 16P, Normal Open, Slim Type, Plug Type
YR16 Expansion Module, Relay Out 16P, Plug Type
YN16 Expansion Module, TR Out 16P (Sink), Plug Type
 YN16S Expansion Module, 16P Output, NPN, Slim Type, Plug Type
XU32 Expansion Module, DC In 32P, Eject Header
XU32SA Expansion Module, DC In 32P, Normal Open, Slim Type, Eject Header
YN32  Expansion Module, TR Out 32P (Sink), Eject Header 
YN32S Expansion Module, 32P Output, NPN, Slim Type, Eject Header
AI4AO2 Expansion Module, Analog Input 4Ch, Output 2Ch, Voltage/Current
AI8 Expansion Module, Analog Input 8Ch, Voltage/Current
AO4 Expansion Module, Analog Output 4Ch, Voltage/Current
RT6 Expansion Module, RTD Module with 6Ch
TC6 Expansion Module, TC Module with 6Ch
POS1 Expansion Module, Position module with 1-axis
POS2 Expansion Module, Position module with 2-axis
POS4 Expansion Module, Position module with 4-axis
SCU2 Expansion Module, Serial Communication 2Ch, RS232C/485/422
RNM Expansion Module, Remote Master
EB2RJ  Expansion Module, Convert E-Bus to RJ45 without power
RJ2EB Expansion Module, Convert RJ45 to E-Bus with power
 HUB5N Expansion Module, Ethernet Hub with 5 ports 
ENET2  Expansion Module, Ethernet Communication module with 2 ports 


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