EC60 Series

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Manufacturer RS Automation Co., Ltd.
Origin Republic of Korea
SNS scrap
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Machine I/O EC60 Series


The EC60 Series are I/O products which control the EtherCAT.

The Series alliow easy configuration of various solution control of PC, PLC, and Stand-Alone controller.



Designed for field work environment 

- Din-rail and Panel mounting 

- Excellent self-diagnostic function such as status diagnosis of Input/Output and network 

- Easy of Use (Built-in I/O protection circuit, cabling convenience by removable terminal block)


Optimized solution for device control 

- Compact size that minimizes installation space requirement 

- Flexible I/O configuration

- Diverse I/O types 

- Various user actions can be set according to the fault

- All products will be certified to international specifications

- Extended functions (Max. 64 Points)


EC60 Series Product List

D16 Base, 12/24 VDC, Input 16 Points, RTB
T16 Base, 12/24 VDC, Output 16 Points, RTB
DT8/8 Base, Combo, 12/24 VDC, Input 8P, TR(NPN) Output 8P, RTB
AVI8 Base, Analog Voltage Input 8CH, RTB
ACI8 Base, Analog Current Input 8CH, RTB
RT4 Base, RTD Input 4CH, RTB
TC4 Base, TC Input 4CH, RTB
AO4 Base, Analog Voltage/Current Output 4CH, RT
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