MMCE Series

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Manufacturer RS Automation Co., Ltd.
Origin Republic of Korea
SNS scrap
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MMCE Series 


MMC-EtherCAT is a high-performance motion controller that were mounted on a PC which designed with 20 years of experience form obtained in the field.

It is the real-time motion controller based on network supports various motion profile and functions. 

It provides a greater competitive edge when it applied to large equipment that the number of axes are largely used.


MMC-EtherCAT supports to use a variety of product that do not support the network by providing the option product, MMC-EtherCAT-Function Module.


- EtherCAT network master; standard specification (CoE, CiA402)

- Advantages

  ▶ Simultaneous control of 64 axes motor and 5,440 points I/O (lms control period), for 4 boards 256 axes + 21,760 points

  ▶ Speed and position override implemented in a various motion blending

  ▶Geared Motion

  ▶Touch Probe

- Use of PCIe slot

- Maximum cable distance between nodes : 100m

- Designed with API that PLC users can be familiar with 

- Wiring System : Star, Line

- Tool : MMC-EtherCAT manager, MMC-EtherCAT I/O manager, MMC-EtherCAT scope

- Funtion Module is supported as an option for connecting to general product.

- Main Features

  ▶ Digital CAM switch, Linear Absolute, Linear Circular

  ▶ Buffered, Aborting, Blending Low, Blending High, Blending Previous, Blending Next



MMC EtherCAT Master Board Product List

BDPO64PCB Position Control, 64 axes, 5,440 Points
BDPO32PCB Position Control, 32 axes, 2,720 Points
BDPO16PCB Position Control, 16 axes, 1,360 Points
BDPO08PCB Position Control, 8 axes, 540 Points



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